There is much to be done and the Team have set out a series of ambitions over a number of years. 
Three initial areas were identified as catalysts for change and are outlined below, however, it is envisaged that further projects relating to the sustainability of the local community will be identified and undertaken.

The three areas of focus require differing skills, resources and approaches, they will be tackled through distinct and independent work-streams:
• renewable energy, initially through opportunities with solar / photo-voltaic panels
• provision of local facilitates, such as a village shop and café, supported by a market garden, potentially with affordable housing for employee, and
• resource efficiency, using a small scale anaerobic digestion facility. 

Although no definitive timelines have been set, these work streams are anticipated to take three – five years. 
We have already undertake 2 projects in the first workstream Renewable Energy with funding from the Big Lottery and LEAF.

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Renewable Energy for Communities

LEAF- The Local Energy Assessment Fund

Future Projects